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Practice is: M-F from 3:30PM - 5:30PM for High School; M,T & TH from 6:00PM - 7:30PM for Middle School and Youth

River Ridge Knights Wrestling


Booster Meeting - May 23, 2018

Meeting Roster:


ü  Alicia Brackett             

ü  John Stulak                                        

ü  Paul Piccirilli            

ü  Joe Mullinax   

ü  Christie Rivero

ü  Michelle Sanchez

Not Present:
ydney Nix

Call to Order:  6:30pm

President Report:

·         Vote in the following:

o    Paul Piccirilli - Vice President

o    Christie Rivero – Treasurer

o    Michelle Sanchez – Secretary

o    Sydney Nix - Equipment & Spirit Shop

·         Completing the setup of our 501c3

o    Cost will be around $500

o    County Office will assist with the getting this completed any day after 4:30pm

·         Alicia will work with getting this completed before the next meeting

·         Discuss end of year banquet – Table for next meeting

o    How much for trophies

      • (Purchase from Hasty Awards)

o    Patches

      • (Purchase from Neff)

o    Food / Drinks

o    Banquet Prices for Parents / Siblings

      • $10 a plate

o    Reimbursement for Youth Coaches

      • Gas
      • Certifications

·         Payment for coaching the Wrestling season

o    What is required by the County for Compensation / Gift

      • Coaches Gifts- $250. 00 per gift … this is for High School Coaches

o    Bronze Certification Courses

·         Voted YES - Booster program will reimburse

o    Lay Coaches

·         Voted YES - Booster program will reimburse for all certification courses

 ·         Board Requirements:

o    The Board is required to meet at least 4x a year

o    All Meeting Minutes need to be posted on our Website.

      • Will create a section on the site for our Secretary to Copy and Paste Minutes
      • When to open registration
        • Open Registration now, give discounts
      • Discuss Early Registration Discount
        • $50 Off : June
        • $25 Off : July & August
        • Full Price: September & On
      • Multiple Family Discount
      • Board Discounts towards registration:
        • $25 Off
        • $50 Off for 3 or more siblings?
      • Board Discounts towards registration:

·         ½ Price for board members

·         Coaches are free

·         What to include in the registration:

o Annual Registration for USAW Card

USA Wrestling’s membership year runs from 9/1 – 8/31. All memberships for the 2017-18 season expire on 8/31/2018

·         Price - $40 (If after deadline, it is $47)

·         Coaches Bronze Card - $50

o    Travel Fee

·         Current Price - $35.00

        • Voted to remove from registration

·         High School Tournament Estimated Tournament Expenses:

·         Cherokee- $250

·         Woodstock – Free

·         Creekview - $250

·         Regions Duals - $100

·         Traditional Regions - 100

·         Pickens - $300

·         Rockmart -$250  

·         Denmark - $250  

·         Registration prices:

o    High School –

·         $385.00

·         Add a Clothing package

·         Jacket

·         Wrestling Bag

o    Youth –

·         $225.00

·         Add a clothing package

·         Wrestling Bag

·         Singlet / Equipment Return:

o How may weeks after the end of season

      • Can't go to the banquet if equipment isn't turned in
      • 2 weeks after the season end 

o When to schedule banquet - Table until next meeting

      • Banquet Date scheduled before the start of the season
      • Will discuss calendar during next meeting


Vice President Report:




Treasurer Report:

·         Discuss the consolidation of all bank accounts - Voted YES to consolidating banks

·         Add Christy to bank account

·         Tie Bank Info to the new 501c3 - Table until 501c3 is completed

·         Discuss Bank Fee's - Will avoid bank fee's once accounts are consolidated

·         Look into a new type of checking account / business account that eliminates business fees

§  Currently $14 a month

§  How to avoid the monthly service fee

Criteria Description

Minimum required

This fee period

Condition Met or Not Met

Have any ONE of the following account requirements




Average ledger balance




A qualifying transaction from a linked Wells Fargo Business Payroll Services account




A qualifying transaction from a linked Wells Fargo Merchant Services account




Total number of posted Wells Fargo Debit Card purchases and/or payments




Enrollment in a linked Direct Pay service through Wells Fargo Business Online




Combined balances in linked accounts, which may include

-Average ledger balances in business checking, savings, and time accounts

-Most recent statement balance in eligible Wells Fargo business credit cards and lines of credit, and combined average daily balances from the previous month in eligible Wells Fargo business and commercial loans and lines of credit

-For complete details on how you can avoid the monthly service fee based on your combined balances please refer to page 7 of the Business Account Fee and Information Schedule at




An "X" indicates that your account does not meet the specified criteria.


·         Discuss current bank statement

o    Total Balance - $15,870.69

·         Total Profit - 30,959.49

§  Gate: 5,530.25

§  Entry Fees: 9,555.00

§  Registration: 7,747.72

§  Sponsorships: 550.00

§  Concessions: 6,421.52

§  Fundraisers: 1,155.00

·         Total Expenses - 15,458.75

§  Clothing Package

§  Transportation

§  USAW Cards

§  Tournament Fees

§  Awards / Banquet

§  Travel

§  Coaches Certifications / Fee

§  Officials


·         Loan Payment

o Current balance for the program is - $8,862.00

o Required annual payment is - $2,500.00

      • 2017-2018 Season, the program is required to pay back $3,124.00
      • Total Owed After 2017-2018 Payment - $5,738.00

o Do we want to set a goal to pay the loan off in 2-3 years?

      • Voted YES to only pay the required amount of $2500.


Fundraising Ideas:

·         KIA Dealership

o Paul will follow up

·         Summer Car Wash

o Reach out to local car washes where a percentage will go back to the Wrestling program

o Paul spoke with the car wash in the Walmart parking lot. They informed us that for the month of August, every car that comes through the car wash they will donate $1 back towards our program.

o Needs to be advertised on all social media

o Fundraiser Approval Form 

·         Applebee's Pancake Breakfast

o MUST be a 501c3

o Volunteers

·         Facebook Donations / Go Fund Me

o This will need to be organized as a YOUTH / JR Knights fundraiser

o Reach out and ask for donations to help raise money towards one big item annually

      • Recognition Board
      • Wrestling Mat
      • Matching Head Gear
      • ETC

·         Requesting Sponsorship for Mat Advertisement

o What Sponsorship levels are available & what do we want to include in these levels

      • 2017-2018 Sponsorship Form Attached


Recruitment Ideas:

·         Other Sports Popsicle Handouts

o Football

o Lacrosse

o Baseball


·         Open House / Meet & Greet Coaches Table

·         Middle School - Breakfast with the coaches

o Provide Donuts

o Drinks

o Coffee


Clothing Packages:

·         Replacement Singlets

o Youth - $45 per singlet

      • Buy a unit of 30   

o High School - 45 per singlet

      • Buy 20
      • Include Bag & Jacket include in registration 
      • 14 

·         Alternative Uniforms

o High School - Total is $4,969.00

      • This will be for 14 alternative uniforms

·         What do we want to include in our clothing packages?

o Shirt - Long

o Shorts

o Bag - Option for parents to purchase

o Warm-Ups / Jacket – High School Only - Option for parents to purchase

o Water Bottle

·         Currently have a bunch of bags left over from last Season -

o    We will hand these out during recruitment

·         Discuss Sunglasses & How to Sell / Dump

o    Offer a free pair of glasses if you come to a wrestling tournament

o    Recruitment 

·         Discuss What to do with extra clothing ordered from the 2017-2018 Season- Table until next meeting

o    Need to inventory / mark up all clothing

o    Everything needs to be locked up & in closet


New Business:

·         High School Schedule - Table until coaches meeting

o When is the eligibility start date for the season

o How many weeks training prior to the first tournament

o If Football makes playoff, who will coach High School

o How to we become a Champion Team

      • Conditioning / Weight Lifting - 30-45 min before School
      • Run 2-3 miles Prior To practice

§  School Out 3:30pm - 4:30pm

·         Sprints

·         Bleachers

·         Long Distance

      • Practice

§  4:30pm - 5:30pm

·         Technique … Technique … Technique

·         Live Wrestling

o Off Season Practice

o Holiday Practice


·         Youth Schedule - Table until coaches meeting

o When will be the first day of practice be

o What days will practice be held

o Schedule Times

o Holiday Schedule


·         Need to Manage USAW Card Site - Alicia will address

o All parents should have access to their childs USAW Card

o Gather emails / Set it up so parent manages

·         When should we order needed material

o Mat Cleaner

·         Look into another FREE program like Blue Sombrero - Table until next meeting

o Discuss about FEE's & How to eliminate them


Board Members:

·         Need 

·         Need

·         Communication Coordinator – Michelle


·         February 2, 2019 - Youth

·         February 23, 2019 - Youth

·         November 10, 2018- High School



·         Next Meeting 6/20/2018  (We need to schedule a meeting every 3 months)


Adjourn:  8:05 


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