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Oct, 2016

Hair Covering

There is a ruling for the Wrestling Season regarding long hair. 

The NFHS wrestling rules define special equipment as any equipment worn that is not required by rule. Whenever a wrestler has hair that does not conform to the rule, a legal hair covering must be worn. Because of the physical contact in the sport of wrestling, hair that does not meet the rule is considered a safety issue as it may pose a risk to an opponent. Using a legal hair covering for hair that does not meet the rule helps to minimize the risk. 

Legal hair coverings must be made of a solid material, must be nonabrasive and must be attached to the wrestling ear guards. The attached legal hair covering may be worn either inside or outside of the wrestling ear guards. The attached legal hair covering must be brought to weigh-ins and inspected by the referee to determine their conformity to proper grooming with the legal hair covering on. The legal hair covering must be removed before the wrestler weighs in. If the referee does not conduct the weigh-ins, then the referee must check the legal hair covering prior to the meet.

The goal of wrestling is to have a continual match without interruptions except for normal out-of-bounds situations, the end of periods, etc. Legal hair coverings that are secured to the wrestling ear guards have less of a chance of coming off during the match than hair coverings that are not secured to the wrestling ear guards. 

The manufacturers of legal hair coverings and wrestling ear guards have been alerted a year in advance of this rule change and some have chosen to modify their legal hair coverings accordingly. This new rule will significantly improve the continuity of matches whenever a wrestler is required by rule to wear a legal hair covering.

The intent of the rule change is to help maintain continuous action during competition. 
  • Situation: A wrestler in the 126- pound class reports to the weigh-in with hair longer than allowed by rule. 
  • Ruling: If an individual has hair longer than allowed by rule it must be contained in a legal hair cover that is attached to the ear guards. 

The least expensive approved hair cover that I found is the Cliff Keen Hair Cover for only $20 at All American Wrestling Supply company. 

Wrestlers with long hair need to order this cover ASAP so they can wrestler. OR, they can choose to cut their hair. 

For female wrestlers, I believe the girls are allowed to wear pony tails in lieu of the hair cover. The pony tale can not be longer than the collar of the neck and you can not put your hair in bun. 

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